Netty Broshure Stand 8 Coloum (Fabric) Pop Men /BackPACK curve flat( Ekonomis) Exhibition Package A Folding Panel White (8 big +4 panel small ) Full set Popup Backwall 3x3 Staright ( MINI) Exhibition Package B PopUp Backwall Manetic Bar 72 cm (Vertical  Bar) Roll Up W120cmXH200 Tipe Kaki stinless PopUp Backwall Manetic Bar 73 cm (Holizatal Curve Bar) Roll Up Stand (W85cmXH200) Tipe Ekonomis Roll Up 60cmX160 Tipe STANDARDS TWISTER COLOUM-4 Level Menu Stand A3 Size Exhibition Package C Crystal Light Box Frame  A3 size PopUp Backwall 3x4 Curve A2 Size ,Paper Foam Board x0.5 Cm,W 420 X H 594 mm Mini rollup A4 Aluminum Auto Scroll Luxury Aluminum Koper Brochure Stand Metal Black F4 Spot Light- Popup Backwall/ 1pcs Roll Up Stand (w120cmXh200) Tipe Standards Kaki Aluminum Human Standee Ekonomic Tripod Bunting Outdoor stand


PopUp Backwall PVC Header Plate - 70cm | Code : PH-70

Product Description

Rp. 35,000

Description:PopUp Backwall PVC Header Plate- 70 CM  

Ctn Size: NO CM
Qty Per Ctn:NO Pcs
Unit Per Kg: 0.100 Kg
M3 Per Unit NO M3
Package Stadards: 5 pcs in one pack  
Colour: Drank Brown  
Display Spec After Installtion: no CM
Visual Print Spec:no CM
Display Features:once of spare Part for PopUp Backwall Central Curve Shape Hangging the Panel  

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