PopUp Backwall Manetic Bar 73 cm (Holizatal stright Bar) T- Bar Tripod Stand ( Round Gray Bottom) Roll Up Stand (W85cmXH200) Tipe Ekonomis Event Desk Type : Economy Portable Metal Gray Tracys Vertical F4 5 Panel Roll Up Stand (W85cmXH200) Double side Stand PopUp Backwall 3x4 Stright Folding Panel Verco Blue (8 big +4 panel small ) Magnet Strip with 3M Doubleside Tape /30 meter per roll Popup Backwall 3x3 Staright ( MINI) Roll Up Stand (w120cmXh200) Tipe Standards Kaki Aluminum Roll Up 85cmX200 Tipe STANDARDS Easel Stand Aluminium Black Jumbo Banner Double Pole Teipod Bunting stand Netty Broshure Stand 8 Coloum (Fabric) Top Table Foldable Design A3 3 panel Aluminum Koper for Broshure Stand - SBA Pop Up Counter Curve Type Ordinary Aluminum Koper for Broshure Stand - SBA Modern Hard Trolley Case Base Auto Scroll TeleFlag ( 5 Meter outdoor water Base Flagpole) Pop Men /BackPACK curve flat( Ekonomis)


Exhibition Package A | Code : Exhibition Package A

Product Description

Rp. 3,800,000

Exhibition Package  A   Ekonomis


1 unit Jumbo Banner + W2,3xH2,3 High Res Print Korea Flexi 440 gm,

1 Unit Broshure Stand Type Code SBA or SBM with Convas Bag.

1 Unit Rollup W60xH160 Type Ekonomis  + Indoor Albartos Print.

1 Unit Tripod Bunting  + Foamboard Size AO Size + High Res Print 1 side.

No exchange Item /Display, Full Package  

 Match Booth for  3x2 or 3x3


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