PopUp Backwall 3x4 Curve Base Auto Scroll Menu Stand A3 Size PopUp Backwall PVC Header Plate - 70cm Top Table Foldable Design A3 3 panel Aluminum Koper for Broshure Stand - SBA Popup Backwall 3x3 Staright ( MINI) Roll Up Stand (W85cmXH200) Double side Stand Square Folding Table Zigzet Foldable Design A4  7 Wooded Panel Flag Banner Support Pillar Print in Code: PJB /Jumbo Banner  Korea Flexi 440 Pop Up Counter Curve Type: Luxury PopUp Backwall PVC Header Plate -75 cm Pop Men /BackPACK curve flat( Ekonomis) METAL BLACK F 4 4 PANEL EKONOMIS Crystal Light Box Frame  A2 3 Meter Flag ( Water Tag) Roll Up 85cmX200 Tipe STANDARDS Easel Stand (Wooden) PolyForm Board Sheet 1Cm(100x200 cm)(PA/000/161/000) Spot Light- Popup Backwall/ 1pcs T- Bar Tripod Stand ( Round Gray Bottom) Tripod Bunting Outdoor stand


Exhibition Package B | Code : Exhibition Package B

Product Description

Rp. 9,000,000

Exhibition Package  B  Type :standards

 1 unit backwall  3x3 Curve/Stright +  High Res Print.

( Not incluse spotlight with stanbelizal stand) 

1 Unit Broshure Stand Type Code SBA or SBM with Convas Bag.

1 Unit Rollup W80xH200 Type Ekonomis  + Indoor Albartos Print.

1 Unit Tripod Bunting  + Foamboard Size AO Size + High Res Print 1 side.

1 unit Popup counter Curve ORIGNARY + High Res Print  .

 Match Exhibition Booth for  3x2 or 3x3


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