A1 Size ,Paper Foam Board x0.5 CM ,W 594 X H 841 mm Roll Up Stand (W85cmXH200) Double side Stand Roll Up 80cmX200 Tipe kaki stainless Trolley Case (Square) Giant Luxury Roll up Silver W 240 X H200 CM Exhibition Package D Mini Rollup A3 Aluminum Ordinary PopUp Backwall Manetic Bar 73 cm (Holizatal Curve Bar) Brochure Stand Metal Black F4 Aluminum Koper for Broshure Stand -Code: SBW Roll Up Stand (W80cmXH200) Tipe Ekonomis Roll Up 85cmX200 Tipe standards Magnet Strip with 3M Doubleside Tape /30 meter per roll Aluminum Koper for Broshure Stand - SBA Spot Light for Popup Folding Panel Acrylic Vertical F4 4 Panel 3 Meter Flag ( Water Tag) A0 Size Paper Foam Board x0.5 CM ,W 841 X H 1189 mm Roll Up 85cmX200 Tipe STANDARDS PopUp Backwall 3x4 Stright Easel Stand Aluminium Black Pop up backwell stabilizer Stand  /1pcs TWISTER COLOUM 2 level Square Folding Table

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Term Of Sales

There are several ways to order:

Option 1 ) Call in Order by Phone: 021 645 5834 or 0878 8650 3379 .

Option 2 )Sending Sales Order by email: visualspace8@gmail.com .

Option 3) Submit Order Placement /Quotation Direct fm website www.visualspace.co.id.

Option 4)Direct walk in Our Shop (Cash & Carry) (during business Hours )

 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Monday to Friday ) Saturdays ( Booking Appointement)

Option 1/2/3 :One cfm Sending Purchase Order (PO) is required. Please send us a copy of the Purchase Order via email and verifed a copy re-cfm  our PI/ Sales Invoice  issued back to us for order processing.

Order thru our Marketing Executives >Remember ask for Reply e-mail or SMS /bbm to Final re-cfm Order to makesure All your Order is Correct incluse the Actual Product Photo.

How to send data/files to us.There are severel ways to send us the data/files:

1. Email them to (some Internet Provider don’t allow you to send data/file with size more then 5MB)

2. Use the free online storage. Our recommendations are: we Transfer /MediaFire.com (US Server) - Limit 2GB (Manual) If you see "Adobe Flash Player Not Detected." message, please use this manual Please download and read the manual provided or call us to get helped.

3. Burn your data/files to CDs/DVDs, we will send courier JNE /TIKI to your place to get them (within Jakarta only).

Payment methods (For clients within Jakarta). There are several ways to make payment:

1. Cash You will have to make payment in full at the same time as the merchandise is (Cash Before Delivery). You may also make a full/down payment in advance.

2. Bank Transfer via BCA. A full/down payment must be transfered on-time according to the agreed term. You are required to send us the copy of proof of transfer, either by fax or email. Please note, on some circumstances, an advance full payment is required before we can process your order.( Notice: Not Accepted Cash to Our Staff , We Not responsibility any Happen coming out )

 transfer write invoice No or Company Name/ Product name /qty.

Payment method (For clients outside Jakarta)

The only acceptable payment method for clients outside Jakarta is Bank Transfer via BCA. A full payment must be made before we can process your order. Please send us the copy of proof of transfer, either by fax or email.transfer write invoice No or Company Name/ Product name /qty.

Outsider Delivery Service /Shipping Courier fee ( Motor / Van)

JKT Utara   Rp 40 Ribu / RP 80 Ribu per Trip.

JKT Barat   Rp 70 Ribu / Rp 140 Ribu Per Trip.

Jkt Pusat    Rp 60 Ribu/  Rp 120 Ribu Per Trip.

JKT Timur   Rp 80 Ribu / Rp 160 Ribu Per Trip.

Jkt Selatan Rp 100 Ribu / Rp 200 Ribu Per Trip.

Out of Jkt /Depok/tggr/Bogor/Bekasi RP120 Ribu/ Rp 240 Rb Per Trip.

3. Suggestion Outside Jakarta We will use local courier or other freight service to send your merchandise. You may choose your own freight service. We will make an estimation of the weight and the shipping charges. (Cash Before Delivery) service can only be used if you have your own account/member with the freight service. Buyer will have to pay all the shipping charges charged by local courier or other freight service. The shipping charges will rier be included in the invoice and should be paid in full. We take "No Responsibility" for any damages caused by local courier service or other freight service during shipment.

 ( Any Dameged/ Isuue fm Courier service is out Of our Responsibility)

4. For Regular buyer /Partner Ship the delivery/shipping method can be further Negotiable.